Lead your very own army of dragons


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WAR DRAGONS: Army of Fire is a strategy and action game in which you can lead an army of dragons against your enemies. You also have to manage your empire's defenses, otherwise you'll be an easy target for the dragons of the enemy.

In essence, WAR DRAGONS: Army of Fire is similar to Clash of Clans, except instead of controlling a group of warriors you control a group of dragons that spit fire and cast powerful spells. You can't actually move your dragon while you attack, but you can still control the abilities it uses.

When you are not in battle, you can control and manage your empire, for which you'll need buildings to breed your dragons, but also lots of defensive towers to avoid enemy attacks.

WAR DRAGONS: Army of Fire presents an excellent combination of strategy and action that lets you fight against other players in real time. The game features lots of different dragons that you can train and collect, and beautiful, excellent graphics.

Requires Android 4.3 or higher